Signing a contract on a paper napkin !

This is often how the story of Lionel Messi’s transfer to Barcelona began. The journey of a 13-year-old boy to the Catalan capital completely changed his life, the history of Barcelona and football. What the Argentine has achieved with his dream team has certainly been impressive over the years, A player from another planet, simply Leo Messi.

The story was written by Carles Rechak, a former Spanish scout.

Rychak said in previous statements: “I was in Argentina, and that they told me a few boy named Messi, i assumed they were talking a few player who is 18 or 19 years old.”

“I told myself, since I’m in Argentina, I even have to ascertain him.” “They told me that he’s only 12 years old, i used to be surprised, we organized a match to ascertain him play and determine his level and therefore the opportunity to hitch or not, and therefore the match was unequal as he faced children older than him.”

“I received the stadium, I looked a touch at the youngsters , then I walked a touch , I looked again, then I sat on the bench and said we must sign him, this child is from another planet, within the world of football players need their teammates, but Messi can play alone.”

“He controls the ball, he dribbles the players in a tremendous way, this kid was born to play football, he has innate skills. “

“When I told the club’s officials that we should always sign this child, they were procrastinating, as usual, and this matter angered his father, and he told me that he would go away because they were fighting him.”

“I told him to settle down , i’m the person who was liable for contracting him and that i had to sign a paper to prove it to him, and that i didn’t have a paper, so I asked the waiter for a food napkin and wrote on him that I promised him that Messi would sign Messi with Barcelona and that i kept my promise.”