Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
girl with e lions

Not all wild animals hate humans. Most do, and we kind of deserve it. But some of them just want us to weather and prosper as they do, and honestly. We should be more grateful. From two lions that took an instant relish to a young girl. To a sea lion that challenged to offer a suicidal man one further chance. Then are 15 Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives!

15. Girl Saved By Lions :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives.girl take a pic with lion.
girl take a pic with lion

From an early age. We are conditioned to think of lions as a special type of superhuman killing machine. Able of causing a lot of hurt to our Lilliputian human bodies. But if this story is anything to come by. Maybe they’re not quite as terrifying as we think.

In 2005, a 12- year-old Ethiopian girl was kidnapped by four men. While walking home from school. Precisely a week latterly, the police managed to track them down as they were about to run away with her. But there was a problem. the abductors happened to advance face to face with three African lions. That promptly chased them off leaving the girl behind.

usually, this would be a pretty tragic ending to the story. The lions really didn’t harm the girl at all. They stayed with her through the ordeal standing guard, and protecting her until the police eventually found her. The lions then headed back into the wild apparently satisfied with their good deed. African media called the event a miracle of God.

14. Sea Lion Rescue :

Kevin Hines. Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Kevin Hines in the bridge

We never know what’s going on in the heads of others. Which is why it’s so important to check in with people and protect our own mental health. But don’t fear because this is a gladdening and uplifting story about the power of nature.

In 2000, Kevin Hines had reached gemstone bottom experiencing bipolar complaint and recession. He saw his life was twisting out of control. Rather than go on living an unpleasant existence. He chose to precisely finish it all.

soon after Hines was standing on the golden gate bridge. And took that big vault into the unknown. Hines didn’t die upon landing. He painfully shattered three vertebrae and realized he had made a mistake. He didn’t want to die. thankfully, a near sea lion didn’t want him to die moreover. And kept pushing him up above the water surface. Until the seacoast guard ultimately arrived to collect him.

Hines would later say that this sea lion saved his life. Kevin Hines began a program designed to help him deal with his depression. Had since used his story and experiences to inspire others.

13. Whale Saves Woman :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
marine biologist Nan Hauser swimming with whale

Marine Biologists See a whole lot of stuff out there in the big underwater world. But there’s a lot of stuff they don’t see. Like the megalodon, or dolphins toying poker that kind of entity. And apparently, it’s near unheard of to see whales protecting humans.

A research expedition in the cook islands. Marine biologist Nan Hauser was a little bit confused by what see. Like a very pushy humpback whale. Hauser assumed that the whale was just curious about what she was doing. She quickly became aware that something was going on. Perchance the whale was angry at her or maybe it was just spooked.

well, actually it was a whole other thing. Hauser quickly realized that this 50 000 pound animal. Was not really interested in what she was doing at all. The whale was guarding her against a tiger shark in aquatic solidarity. Hauser has gone on the record that could be the first recorded case of a humpback whale protecting a human. Even if that’s not, the case it’s a pretty fantastic story.

12. Deer Protects Woman :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
A herd of deer in the wild

Given how often do humans hunt deer. It seems kind of ridiculous to even suggest. That a deer would consider protecting or saving a human life. But we live in a ridiculous world, and that actually did happen after attending a college party.

A Miami student found herself roaming around outside of the condo on her own just moments later. A strange man approached grabbing her purse strap and using it to choke her. But that’s when nature decided to take action. Putatively out of nowhere a deer jumped up and spooked the bushwhacker. Who snappily fled into an open field.

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chased by this deer considering just how shy deer. Can be this is a pretty incredible encounter. Although again given how often deer have been chased and killed by human hunters. Perhaps it’s not so surprising that a deer would want to fight that kind of thing happening to others.

it’s rare that deer even approach humans in the wild. Let alone take a stand to protect them clearly. This deer had a strong sense of moral empathy for the poor woman that was suffering. And thank goodness it did.

11. Dolphins Vs Sharks :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Dolphins vs Sharks

If you ever have the misfortune of getting attacked by sharks. Chances are you’re not going to make it out of there sorry about that. But there’s always hope. And this story is full of hope. If you do get attacked by sharks pray for dolphins.

in 2016, Todd Andrus was assaulted by a great white shark while probing in California. And while the shark’s first bite only landed on his surfboard. The bloodsucker snappily corrected his mistake and attacked again. This time landing some good bites on his body. But when the shark went in for a third attack. Nature staged an intervention.

As todd desperately tried to fight the shark off. A pot of dolphins arrived to help out surrounding and protect him from any further attacks. As he began swimming back to shore thanks to these dolphins. Todd was able to make it back to shore alive.

Like utmost browsers, Todd’s experience probably did nothing to dampen his love of surfing. In fact, most likely he just went right back out there and did it again. But this just goes to show the power of nature.

10. Man Saved By a Bear:

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Robert Saved By a Bear

More than any other wild animal. It seems we’re continually hearing about humans that were mauled or and slash killed by wild bears. But here we’re telling a different story. The bear is honestly the hero in our story.

In 2012, Robert Biggs decided he’d make the most of the beautiful California sun and head out on a hike. But this hike was unlike any other. He’d ever taken nearly along the trail he came across a mama bear and her family.

As he went to leave something jumped on him from behind knocking him to the ground. It was a mountain lion biggs’s impulse was to hit the lion with his rock pick. But what truly saved his life had nothing to do with his tools.

The bear grabbed the lion by the neck prompting a fight between the wild animals. That ultimately saved biggs’s life. Like most wilderness men, biggs refused to go to the doctor. Instead, just poured some stuff on his wounded arm to disinfect. It still at least he had a great story to tell.

09. Gorilla Mama Saves Boy :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Mama gorilla with the boy

The crowd everybody remembers the story of Harambe the 17-year-old gorilla who was shot and killed. When a 4-year-old fell into the gorilla pit.

At the Cincinnati zoo. But few people know about a similar 1996 incident. A 3-year-old boy accidentally fell into the gorilla enclosure of Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. The nearly 20 bases falling to the ground knocked the boy senseless. But thankfully, one female gorilla took matters into her own hands. With her infant on her back.

The mama gorilla quickly checked that the boy was okay. Seeing that he was still breathing. She decided to sit beside him and guard him against the other gorillas. Until zoo officials were able to get down there and bring him up safely.

The maternal instinct is strong in gorillas. They have been recorded taking care of other wild animals’ cubs. Without her protection, this boy may easily have been seriously harmed by the other gorillas. Making this a little miracle.

08. Pig Saves Owner :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Joanne Altman with pig lulu

Yes, a pig is the laziest of all the wild animals. Okay, that’s not strictly true. But generally, speaking how many pigs have you ever heard. That saved people’s lives exactly. They’re not well known for being big life-saving wild animals.

While on holiday in Pennsylvania, Joanne Altman suffered a brutal heart attack. Thankfully she wasn’t alone. She had a halter broken Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named lulu with her. None of that was a typo. By the way, there really are house-broken pigs supposedly lulu took a look at Joanne.

And after a moment of heartbreaking crying. Took action this pig pushed open the gate to get to the nearby road. Where she would wait for an oncoming car to walk into the road. And lay down before the approaching vehicle. If the vehicle didn’t stop, lulu would go back in to check on Joanne before trying again.

eventually, she got someone to stop. And after bringing the motorist to Joanne lassie’s style he called the paramedics and Joanne’s life was saved.

Stories like this are pretty common with dogs. But I don’t think anybody has ever heard of a pig saving someone’s life in this way. Lulu was clearly a special and very empathetic pig.

07. The Tsunami Elephant :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Amber Owen rides baby elephants in the park

Elephants have a well-earned reputation as one of the wisest and generally kindest wild animals out in the wild animal kingdom. And this is a pretty good example when you’re in the middle of a natural disaster.

In 2004 eight-year-old amber Owen and her family were enjoying an affable vacation in Phuket Thailand. Also everything got veritably scary one morning. Amber and her family made a visit to ning nong. A favorite elephant that amber so got the luck to ride. But something was strange putatively out of nowhere.

Ning nong fled with amber on her back. Her family was terrified. But also it all made sense a major tsunami struck nearly incontinently. Meaning the elephant felt it was coming and hurried away before the waves came for days.

The survivors did not see one another until amber. Was eventually located in an elephant camp nearby. While it was really an intimidating experience for all involved. Ning nong’s quick thinking may actually have saved the young girl’s life.

Soon after the incident, Ning nong was moved to an elephant camp where she is apparently very beloved.

06. Tiger Vs Leopard :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Eduardo Serio playing with lions

It’s the ultimate fight of the predator’s tiger versus leopard. With a little bit of line thrown in there for good measure. But we’re going to make this really interesting. And mention that the whole reason is the leopard and tiger were fighting a human life.

Eduardo Serio made a pretty grave error. While he was cuddling up to some cute little white lions. Breaking the most important rule of being around big cats. don’t at all turn your back to them.

Behind him, a leopard can be seen sprinting at his behest fixing to attack. And it would have been if not for one ultra-fast tiger that just about managed to prevent the bloodbath before it happened.

Serio even takes a moment to thank the tiger for saving his life. Although it’s entirely possible that the tiger just felt like fighting something. Who knows what we can be sure of is that Serio will never turn his back on a big cat again.

05. Beluga Whale Saves Diver :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Beluga Whale in water

Considering just how huge whales are. It’s surprising that they’re generally so peaceful and kind towards us humans. Specifically, when we are in danger or out of our drop. Which again is enough frequently we aren’t the smartest brutes on the earth.

In 2009, diver gang Yoon signed up for freediving. Competition at the polar bear land aquarium in Harbin China. The prize in question was the opportunity to train whales at the facility.

No doubt a big get for anybody that has a passing interest in marine wildlife. But things quickly spun out of control. When the freezing water extended jun a cramp in her pin. Leaving her unable to swim to safety as she began scarifying in the water.

One of the two beluga whales in the tank Mila noticed her distress. And snappily came to the deliverance he moved towards her. And helped her to the surface grabbing the diver’s leg in her mouth. Mila forcefully propelled Yoon to the surface saving her life in the process.

There have been numerous recorded incidents of jumbos saving human lives out in the open. But for one to do it in an interned terrain like this is. Truly rare it truly shows the intelligence and empathy that this animal holds.

04. Elephant Rescues Human :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
Kamla and Derek

I doubt there are many if any humans in the world that don’t like elephants. They’re incredibly graceful and very resourceful wild animals. And they seem to really enjoy the presence and company of humans the good ones. I mean, not the nimrods at the elephant nature demesne in Thailand.

a young elephant named Kamla formed a deep and loving bond with a staffer named Derek. Having come from a life of misery and abuse. Kamla finally found herself loving and respectful. Home one that cared for her well-being. And Derek was a big part of making that happen.

that bond can be seen in this clip. As Kamla leaps into action when she believes Derek is drowning or in danger. While in the water as Derek is carted along by the current. Kamla rushes over wrapping her trunk around his arm and helping him reach the shore safely.

She’s the kind of friend we all wish. we had it’s clear that khan law would do anything for her friend. And those at the elephant clay demesne have described. How she’ll drop everything if he calls her name. This is probably one of the clearest examples of what a bit of kindness towards an animal can do.

03. Pitbull Saves Its Owner :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
pitbull and his owner

Pitbulls are not really known for their gentleness and kind temperaments. But that’s definitely not something that should be said about the entire breed in fact. Here’s one situation in which the pit bull’s unpredictability turned out to be a real blessing.

In 2018, a Brooklyn woman’s day took a turn for the worse. When she defied to answer the portal in her own home on her doorstep. An unfamiliar man punched her in the face for no apparent reason. Whatsoever, luckily the women. Dog five-month-old Pitball broke out of his cage. And began sprinting towards the guy.

As any of us would the assailant quickly went running leaving police to somehow get on his trail. The story soon went viral. With the owner praising her protective pup for scaring the guy off. Before he could inflict more harm upon her and potentially her grandson.

this is a scary situation that could easily have been far worse. As it’s the woman was bruised and bucketed. But there was no lengthy-term hurt were it not for her dog who knows where this could have finished.

02. The Bomb Sniffing Dog :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
k-9UNIT pet

When it comes to saving lives. There may be no animal more valuable than the bomb-sniffing dock. These animals are trained so well and so intensely. That they’re able to sniff out a potentially dangerous situation from a distance.

It almost seems pointless to single out one of these dogs. When all of them do so much important and pivotal work in our ultramodern dangerous world.

But trio exemplifies everything that makes these wild animals. So great trio worked with the UK military. Over five years and proved himself a worthy asset to the team. When he sniffed out two hidden bombs in Helmand.

Province possibly saving many lives in the process. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the trio on his tremendous achievement. His work was considered to be so impressive and so important. That he was granted the Dicken medal award.

Most dogs will live their lives without having a job or a career. But those that make a life for themselves in the military. Deserve not just a chest rub. And reminders that they’re a good boy. But our respect for all we know may have saved our lives.

01. Bear In The Woods :

Wild Animals: Top 15 That Saved Human Lives
cassie and his mam

From a very young age, kids are told. All form of short stories about friendly bears, and singing bears, and bears. That wear clothes so it’s really no surprise at all. That children don’t understand the dangers of bears. They even have teddy bears which are the most dangerous of all.

When three-year-old cassie Hathaway wandered into the woods. Near a relative’s house his parents. Were distraught their beautiful child had vanished into thin air. Without so much as a goodbye, or a reason for his disappearance.

The incident became such a big deal that the media attention prompted. A manhunt across North Carolina. Resulting in hundreds of searchers exploring every acre of land. From one side of the state to the other three days after his initial.

Disappearance a neighbor found Casey in the woods. Tangled up in a backcountry when his mama asked where he would be. Casey claimed a bear was looking after him while he was lost now. This could be the product of a young child’s imagination.

But we’ve seen time and time again that sometimes wild animals. Behave very differently than we’d expect. So perhaps we’ll just noway know the verity behind Casey’s exposure. What do you think did a bear protect this boy.

Which of these human-saving wild animals surprised you the most.

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